Thunder Questions & Answers

A wise person suggested that we have a question and answer section on the website in regards to the difference between the competitions. If I missed something or you need more informations please get in touch. Here we go:-

Equal Court Time

One thing we hold dear at Mitcham Thunder is equality.  Everyone pays the same registration fees for their children to play basketball and each team member is entitled to equal court time.
Of course if a child is misbehaving, smartmouthing, or not following coaches instructions the coach can bench a player temporarily.  But in regular games we expect coaches to try as best they can to ensure all children be treated equally.  

Forfeit v Walkover

Sometimes, illness, school camps, or even (annoyingly) a badly timed birthday party, we can find ourselves unable to field a team.

We CAN play with four players.

If you turn up at a game to find that you only have three players the game can be a forfeit or a walkover.

In a forfeit, the coach approaches the opposition coach and referees and declares that we cannot field a legitimate team.

The opposition team is declared the winner with a score of 10 – 0.

The game is played anyway, with our team fielding an ineligible player.   In these instances ANYONE can take to the court to play on both sides and the game is just played for FUN.  We suggest that the coach take to the court for our side and play a very minor role, even occasionally slipping up purposely to help out the others team.  After all, it’s all for fun and the result doesn’t count.  

We don’t like walkovers.  A walkover is when no game is played.  This incurs a large fine for us as a club and if a team gives a walkover twice in a season they risk being expelled from the competition.  So please always opt for a forfeit where possible.


What is open age?

The Senior Domestic Competition caters for adults of all ages.  The minimum age to qualify for senior domestic competition is 15 years of age. With a variety of sections, competitions are available for every one of all abilities and daytime ladies.
Competitions run from Sunday afternoon through to Thursday nights.  All senior domestic competition operate within Nunawading Basketball Centre, and at either one of our satellite venues Forest Hill College or Mulluana Secondary College.
Competitions are conducted for Open Age Men and Women, Daytime Ladies (Monday mornings only) and open mixed competitions (Tuesday Night & Sunday Afternoon). 


When your team is short of players, not just anyone can fill in.  Even if they are the correct age.  It is vital that coaches liaise with the president to ensure they don’t forfeit a game by playing an ineligible player.

Teams are divided into age groups, grades and divisions.  The rules can be quite confusing because even if a player is in a younger age group (like an U11 player filling in in an U13 team) if they are in a higher grade in their own age group they may be inelligible.

If an U13 player fills in for another U13 team they may be ineligible if their original team is in a higher division. 

So if your team is short please contact a committee member who will be able to put you in touch with the correct person. (generally the president)

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